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Based in Florida, NNI helps the nation in helping people pass their NCLEX exams with flying colors. We boast of several years of assisting students in passing their professional exams, and we have since then established a reputation of success. Through our chat workspace, virtual whiteboard, we offer an interactive learning environment for students. We provide our services through online test prep courses.

Nexus Nursing Institute offers test preparation courses for the following subject areas:

  • NCLEX – RN – National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
  • NCLEX – PN/LVN – National Council Licensure Examination for Practicing Nurses

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Can I work as a registered nurse in the U.S. without any previous working experience?

If you have not worked for a minimum of two years after you have graduated from your nursing school, most state boards will not license you until you complete an FEN (Foreign Educated Nurses) refresher course. You need to check with the Board of Nursing (BON) of the state where you are planning to work to verify if the course is required.

What does an FEN refresher course consist of?

This course consists of 120 classroom hours and 120 clinical practice hours under the supervision of an RN.

How can I find an FEN refresher course?

You can find a Foreign Educated Nurses review course through an online search. 

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    Thank you Ms.Eva. I still feel you hand on my shoulders whenever I get nervous.  It helped me  even yesterday too. I got 75 questions, all teachings, skills (tach care, dressing change), put in order interventions of unresponsive pt in ED , management and prioritization, peds, maternity, psychiatric and emergency and disaster management. Exam was tough but i was prepared. Now to land the job.





    Sometimes you do not have control over working schedule. At times, the plan become redundant or needed to be revised because of illnesses, and other family crises. The more you can practice time management the less stressful and successful you are




    I really hope these time management ideas help you as they have helped me. Also be doing something school wise/ studying when you can.

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