As a nursing faculty member, you empower students to progress from nursing school, to passing the NCLEX, to long-term professional success. The educator training course will help you align your classroom with the practice environment. The three critical components of the training include critical thinking, test development and an NCLEX guide. A new addition to this workshop is a class curriculum overview, where suggestions will be made towards the current curriculum in order to enhance student’s understanding and bring them one step closer to passing NCLEX on the first attempt.

Assessment of Critical Thinking

How do I get my nursing students to think critically?
Learn to design course plans and formulate test questions that evaluate higher level thinking.

Test Development & Item Writing

How do the NCLEX developers write items?
Add a new skill set for equipping students now, or to become a NCLEX item writer in the future.

Understanding the NCLEX—A Guide for Nursing Educators

How can I help my students to pass the NCLEX?
Engage the history, format, testing method and process of the NCLEX examination in order to empower students for this pinnacle event.